World Day of Physical Activity


After 15 years of implementation of the Agita São Paulo Program by the Ministry of Health of São Paulo with technical and scientific advice of CELAFISCS - Fitness Laboratory Studies Centre Physics of São Caetano do Sul, already considered health promotion model program WHO - World Health Organization was decided during the 54th World Health Assembly in 2002 that the World Health Day would have as its theme the promotion of physical activity. Thus was born the Agita Mundo, inspired by Agita São Paulo that for its international impact, was maintained by the WHO as a permanent event.

Since then, the April 6 became the World Day of Physical Activity.

In commemoration of this day many events are held worldwide, and Sao Paulo the Agita Mundo Program, through its more than 400 partners, held in São Paulo the Walk Agita Mundo, which has already gathered more than 15,000 people in walking.

Walk Agita Mundo

Walk Agita Mundo takes place every year in April in celebration of the World Day of Physical Activity. Mega-event of the participating groups mobilized on buses and public transportation from all corners of the city of São Paulo and the metropolitan area, school Public Education Network, Health Program Units Family, gyms, clubs, associations, medical societies and civilians , government entities and business groups. Also participating wheelchair users and people with special needs.

Preparations for the walk start from the beginning of the year:

  • The mobilization for the preparations takes place during the first four months of the year, seeking contacts with all 645 municipalities.
  • In São Paulo we have access to Department of Education, Health, Sports, People with Disabilities, Green Environment and over 450 partner organizations.
  • The activity begins with the concentration from 8 am behind the MASP.
  • In three points of the Paulista region we have an electric trio-positioned for the animation before, during and at the end of the path.
  • The concentration are mounted arrival of the buses points with the help of CET, reception of people and distribution of T-shirts of the event.
  • At another point it is done filling the balloons with the gas for use in path and positioning of the tracks.
  • There is availability of water and ambulance units available for any mishaps.
  • Biological toilets are placed in concentration and finish the walk in the parking lot of the Legislative Assembly.
  • There is mobilizing at least 50 monitors students of the Faculties of Physical Education and the School of Military Police throughout the event.
  • The race begins at 9am with the first electric trio and in front of him we have the first of allusive track daily.
  • Regularly we have the presence of the State Governor, Mayor and other authorities.
  • Cross the Av. Paulista at intervals that do not disrupt the flow of cars and stopped behind the Trianon Park for execution of the National Anthem and came out with the second and largest trio-electric, just ahead (Av. Pamplona) met with the third trio -elétrico.
  • All the way, which is about 5 km, is accompanied by the Military Police and the CET.

Invite a friend or organize their group and join us.

For more information, please contact us by phones/fax: +55 11 4229.8980 or +55 11 4229.9643 - contact